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Find loan companies that support mortgage refinancing to 96.5% with FHA and Freddie Mac wholesale loans to 90%. The refinance loan products have been improving with lower rates and expanded lending guidelines allowing bad credit scores or past bankruptcies. FHA has rolled out several loan options designed for homeowners who cannot afford their current adjustable rate mortgage. In many instances, cash back is not allowed with "FHA refinancing", but you can get funds out up to 85% if you meet the loan eligibility requirements.

If you have been looking for another alternative for refinancing with bad credit then you have found the right website. This is an easy way to get professional quotes from lenders that specialize in Mortgage Refinance Loans in all 50 states. Learn how to pay off your bills with a refinance mortgage that could potentially save you hundreds of dollars every month. *In addition there may tax deduction for mortgage interest up to the value of your home.

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Learn how to free up cash for house improvements or get money to fight off unsecured debt. Many of our customers like to lower their payments by refinancing. Chances are there are opportunities today for loans that yield a better payment because they are substantially lower than your current interest rate.

  • Uncover ways to lower payments that are better than your current interest rate
  • Find out if you qualify for a lower mortgage payments monthly with no equity needed with fair or good credit scores
  • Compare lender products for a mortgage refinance with bad credit.

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Refinancing your existing loan to reduce your monthly debts can be a smart way to realize significant monthly savings. Talk to professionals about eliminating the burden of high interest credit cards that seem to have never ending balances.

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* Please consult a tax advisory

Why Refinance Your Home Right Now? 

We have found that even people that refinanced last year are saving money because rates have fallen so far this year. And yes some people still have a mortgage that has an adjustable rate of interest. Fixed rates are dropping again.

Pay close attention to the Federal Reserve Board in 2016 and 2017 when considering refinancing your home. Check interest rates regularly to find out when the mortgage rates have reached the level you need to reduce your monthly expenses and save you money. Compare Refinance Lenders and review disclosures between companies to determine the best choice for your situation.

Thousands of mortgage brokers went out of business less than a decade ago as the banks began tightening guidelines and property values plummeted. Home refinancing is at its highest level in 5 years. The number of mortgage refinance loans a few weeks ago was over 80 percent higher than they were at a year ago, according to the most recent data from the Mortgage Brokers Association.

"Borrowers are noticing that mortgage rates are dropping, and it may make sense to refinance into a 30 year fixed rate loan." Said Mark Pereida, mortgage executive with CFB located in Irvine California. His clients are starting to call about refinancing their 3 and 5 year ARM's and Mark would like nothing better than provide a fixed rate security blanket to his borrowers for the next 30 years.

More homeowners are re-applying for home refinancing, hoping to lock into better interest rates now that have dipped back near the 4 percent threshold for a 30-year mortgage loans, according to Pereida. Many loan applicants are expecting lower mortgage rates to rise in the near term, following the upward curve of the fed funds rate, controlled by the Fed, and want to jump into a seemingly closing window.

How Do You Refinance Efficiently?

  • Make sure to bring all your financial numbers to the table, whether you're talking to a mortgage lender in the office or over the phone.
  • Have financial records, pay stubs, bank balance statements and tax records on hand.

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