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As the housing sector continues to struggle, you can expect to see more subprime loans and alternative mortgage programs that are subsidized by the government. Private money lenders have begun to roll out new financing options and hard money lending opportunities.

FHA mortgage rates have been lowered once again and this government insured loan program is approving borrowers who have credit scores as low as 500.

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Welcome to the website that helps match people with some of the most experienced bad credit mortgage companies in the United States. Since the nineties we have been offering info about alternative home financing with subprime and government mortgages. Today we are one of the last worthy mortgage companies offering finance solutions for people with bad credit. Everyone on the planet knows that interest rates have broken records this year, but many people don't realize how the loan programs have shrunk for borrowers with challenged credit. If you need a bad credit mortgage company, then you are at the right place online, because our all our lenders specialize in subprime loans and alternative refinancing.

  • Compare loan programs from competitive bad credit mortgage companies
  • Shop lenders offering bad credit home financing
  • Consider eliminating your underwater mortgage with the HARP loans
  • Talk to companies offering lending for all types of credit

Stop wasting time talking to local lenders and big banks that have no solutions for borrowers with low credit scores! We have created a proven network bad credit mortgage companies that deliver real financing solution for purchasing and refinancing transactions.

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There is no fee to apply online and no obligation to get quotes for our bad credit mortgage companies. Take advantage of our experienced investors for bad credit home mortgages that ensure flexible loan programs that were created for people with poor fico scores and no equity. Compare bad credit lenders now from one of the only true sources that deliver alternative lending online.

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