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If you align yourself with the right mortgage lender and plan diligently, qualifying for house loans with bad credit is obtainable. If you were late on any bills in the last few years, you may be a candidate for a housing loan even with poor credit. Would you like to become a homeowner, but are hesitant to start the loan process because you have a low credit score? You may want to reconsider your tentative moves, because there are several bad credit house loan options for first time home buyers. BCML offers several subprime, FHA and bad credit home loan programs for consumers with less than perfect credit. Yes, the mortgage rules have changes in the last few years, but bad credit house loans are still options for many borrowers with challenged credit situations. The new rules from Dodd-Frank have stricter regulations on lenders and home financing companies, but we still have mortgage options for people with challenged credit situations. Not everyone with low fico scores will qualify to finance a home, but there are loan companies out there that still take chances. We can help you find lending sources that offer house loans with bad credit, but there are still standards that must be met. You have to be able document your income and show the underwriter that you can in fact afford the monthly payment for the proposed mortgage. If you have a poor credit history, you have to be able to demonstrate to the lender that the incidents that occurred in the past were isolated and unlikely to happen again.

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Do you need help finding a lender that offers credit for house loans with bad credit online? BCML recently extended several home financing programs for consumers with a range of credit scores. With interest rates at record low and lenders easing standards for buying real estate, this is a great time to find house loans for bad credit from companies you can trust. Many government and subprime financers have expanded their programs and reduced many of the requirements that have hindered people with low credit scores from being approved in the past.

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Buy a Home with Bad Credit
Before beginning the process of shopping for a lender that considers house loans with bad credit can be drawn out if you are not prepared. We suggest getting a checklist ready for bad credit housing loans so that you will be ready to go. We suggest talking with several loan companies that have good reputations within your community.

Mortgages for People with Bad Credit
There are several programs available for borrowers that have low fico scores or past bankruptcies. Many of the companies we work with offer subprime and government finance programs that give consumers who may be at a credit disadvantage another chance.

Home Loan with Bad Credit
According to Keith Gumbinger, vice president of HSH, "mortgage markets are waiting to see what the Fed has in store for them." Clearly the Federal Reserve will have a positive impact on interest rates for the next 18 months. Shop lenders that provide house loans for poor or limited credit.

Mortgage Lenders for People with Bad Credit
The National Association of Realtors reported that new house buyers accounted for 50% of all refinancing transactions last year. NAR indicated that number would likely increase as 1st time home buyers were taking advantage of record low interest financing.

BCMLM does not approve house loans online. Our lenders provide bad credit home financing, but loan guidelines and interest rates are subject to change without notice.

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