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We help people find bad credit lenders offering solutions for refinancing or buying a home with bad credit. For well over a decade, we have been assisting consumers who may have been turned down for a home loan because of low credit scores or lack of equity in their property find lending companies that extend loans to people with challenged credit. Now you can choose from 2nd mortgages, FHA, VA and hard money programs for refinancing. If you want help buying a house, it's a good idea to compare lenders' home purchase options that are perfect for 1st time home buyers or for consumers seeking a 2nd chance. Whether you need to renegotiate your interest rate or are seeking the opportunity to refinance a bad credit mortgage loan, we have the government and subprime lenders prepared to help you with a solution that makes sense for your budget. Now is the time to consolidate bad loans and high rate debt into an affordable monthly payment that helps you live below your means. We can introduce you to some of the only bad credit mortgage companies left who have experience with government financing and private money lending. Take advantage of these high risk lenders and get a free quote regardless of your fico scores or history of bad credit. Search for bad credit lenders that are trained to help people with financing no matter how much or how little equity you have earned in your home. We've made finding bad credit mortgage lenders pretty easy. Simply complete the quick form below, or just email us. There are no application fees.

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Shop and compare terms with lenders that offer bad credit mortgages and fast underwriting for home equity, home refinance and FHA loans. Learn how to roll your 2nd mortgage and 1st mortgage together while allowing cash back and debt consolidation. Search for lenders that specialize in loans for good consumers who just happen to have limited or bad credit! Apply for a low rate refinance loans whether you are at 75% or 100% loan to value.

Bad Credit Loans & Mortgages is proud to post info on the home loan program to100% that is guaranteed by the VA. If you are trying to escape a bad credit second mortgage, some of the FHA refinancing options may provide a new opportunity for qualified homeowners who have fallen behind on their adjustable rate mortgages.

Refinancing and 1st Time Home Buyer Loans with Bad Credit: FHA, VA & More

Many people like to consolidate credit card debt with our low interest loans insured by FHA that may be available even if your credit score is low and you have been late on your adjustable rate mortgage payment. Compare which government mortgage loan is right for you. The FHA has been providing secure first time home buying and refinancing opportunities for several generations. In some cases, they extend a forgiving mortgage for homeowners looking to refinance with bad credit scores, but there are specific qualifications that must be met, so check with your refinancing advisor for more details.

Now is the time to take advantage of expanded bad credit lending programs and some of the lowest interest in years. Even with past credit problems, in some instances people have been able to re-establish their credit while consolidating their debt at the same time.

Mortgage Rates Bad Credit

FHA Loans with Bad Credit - A few years ago, HUD introduced a new refinance program insured by the Federal Housing Administration that may help prevent thousands of foreclosures with a simple fixed rate solution. If you already have a lien that is backed by FHA, you may qualify for the streamline loan as well. Get matched with lenders offering FHA mortgages for people with bad credit scores. The minimum fico score needed with FHA is still only 500, so discuss your eligibility mortgage lenders for bad credit. Find out if these government loans are a good financing fit for your situation.

VA Loans for Bad Credit - Borrowers with a military background have always had a significant edge over non-veterans when it comes to home buying and refinancing because the Veterans Affairs has always provided aggressive lending with little concern for credit scores or down-payment requirements. Did you know that mortgage loans for people with poor credit are now possible for qualified Veterans seeking for a VA streamline or 100% mortgage with no money down? No equity is required and refinancing with no appraisal is available to qualified military vets.

Subprime Refinance – Consolidation of Debt - 100% Financing – Home Mortgage for Bad Credit

No Charge to Check Interest Rates - Learn more about what is needed to qualify for prime rates with fixed monthly payments. Did you know you can use the equity in your home for construction, investments, or consolidating debt? Even the rate of money on home mortgages with bad credit remain near record levels.

The Payment Choice Mortgage - starts off with some low rate options but the borrower can experience an increase in their principal balance. This home loan offers more choices and flexibility for homebuyers looking for the low payment options. Most financial advisors are recommending fixed rates in today's market. People with low credit scores generally benefit from consistency with their monthly housing budget.

We can teach you more about methods to get rid of the credit card debt that is available to qualified homeowners. Yes refinancing can underscore reducing debt, fixed interest rates and tax deductibility! More Good News! Several lenders announced new programs for underwater refinancing have been extended! If you have a mortgage that is greater than your house's appraised value, ask about the HARP 2.0 program!

Second Mortgage Rates - Learn more about what it takes to get funds for home improvements without refinancing your first mortgage. Are you looking for the lowest rates online and choose from fixed or adjustable interest rates? It makes sense to find out what you qualify for. Bad credit second mortgage options may have changed so check with a loan officer regarding program availability.

Hard Money Home Loans - If other mortgage companies, banks or lenders have turned you down, because your credit score is below 500, consider our alternative loan financing with hard money sources that fund bad credit mortgages. Private money lenders offer hard money programs to people with really poor credit histories that have a good amount of equity in their home.

First Time Home Buyer Loans for Bad Credit - We assist applicants in their quest to find approved FHA lenders that offer loans for first time home buyers who have below average fico scores. We provide 1st time home loans from popular programs sponsored by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA. In most cases, 1st time buyers with low fico scores choose the bad credit FHA mortgage because the minimum scores start at just 500.

Are Home Loan and Credit Card Delinquencies Falling?- TransUnion Corp. reported that home loan and credit card delinquency rates of fell the last quarter for consumers in the United States. It's no secret that many lenders are considering rolling out some new mortgage loans for people with bad credit in 2015 and 2016, but performance results must improve. The national delinquency rate on mortgages--or the rate of borrowers at least 60 days past due, fell for the 2nd consecutive quarter, to 4.49% from the 4.78% rate in the 1st quarter. Did you know that in the first and second quarters of the previous year, 45 states reported a drop in their delinquency rates on home mortgages, and 76% of metro areas reported lower delinquency rates last quarter? Fox News reported on July 29, 2015 that over 30% of Americans are presently delinquent on their debt. This underscores a significant problem in the United States in regards to savings and debt.

Common Bad Credit Loan Options for Homeowners Seeking Affordable Financing

Mortgage Refinance

  • ARM - Low Rate Mortgages
  • Interest Only - Low Payments
  • FHA Mortgage Loans
  • VA Home Loans
  • Bankruptcy & Charge-offs OK
  • 103% Home Financing
  • No Equity Needed with HARP
  • Learn More About Cash Out Loan Requirements

Debt Consolidation Loans

  • Can You Find Lower Payments?
  • Info on Consolidating Debts
  • Non-Prime 2nd Mortgages
  • No Mortgage Insurance
  • Fixed Rate Consolidation
  • Bankruptcy & Charge-offs OK
  • Learn About Bill Consolidation
  • Bad Credit Mortgage for Lien Consolidation

Bad Credit Home Loans

  • 100% Home Finance
  • No Equity Needed
  • Ask About Lender Paid PMI
  • Fixed Purchase Mortgages
  • Compare Fixed Interest Rates
  • 2nd Home Buying Loans
  • 1st Time Home Buyers OK
  • FHA Mortgage with Bad Credit
  • Pros and Cons of Adjustable Rates

Jumbo Mortgage

  • Stated Income Home Loans – Do they exist?
  • 90% Purchase Loans
  • Jumbo Mortgage Loans for Bad Credit
  • 1st Time Homeowners
  • Mortgage Loans to $2 million
  • Info on No Asset & No Income
  • Refinance Poor Credit OK
  • Check the 6 Month LIBOR

Bad Credit Second Mortgage

  • Flexible Home Equity Lines of Credit
  • Poor Credit 2nd Mortgage
  • Low Fico Second Mortgage
  • BK & Charge-Offs OK
  • Cash Out 2nd Loans
  • Hard Money Loans
  • No PMI
  • Cash Out for Remodeling
  • Bad Credit Home Equity Lines

Interest Only Mortgage

  • Do you have the Lowest Possible Payments?
  • Interest Only Purchase
  • Interest Only Refinance
  • Interest Only Equity Line
  • Learn more about the requirements for interest only mortgages.

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Bad Credit House Loan - 
New programs offer hope for first time home buyers and people that need another chance getting a house.

Low Credit Score Mortgage -
Getting a mortgage with poor ratings from Equifax, Trans Union and Experian is a strong possibility with good will from the borrower and reasonable compensating factors.

HARP Mortgage Refinance -
If you have a depreciated home and an unwater mortgage that is owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac you may qualify for the Home Affordable Refinance that does not evaluate "loan to value" into their underwriting equation.

Conforming loan amounts are quoted up to $417,000 for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac programs. Conforming-Jumbo rates may vary by zip code, so you will need to speak directly to the loan company to achieve pricing accuracy. FHA loan amounts vary based on geographical location as well.

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